Why Go to a Specialist for Botox?

Beauty treatment or skincare is not a joke. You have to be careful while choosing the products for your skin. The goal should be to keep the shine and health of your skin intact, if not improved. You can try as many techniques as you want according to the advice of your beauty expert. Botox is one of these methods that will help you to eliminate various side effects of ageing that are prominent on your skin. However, to obtain the desired result of Botox in Epsom, you must look for a specialist.

Visiting a random beauty salon for Botox treatment can be risky for your skin and pocket too. Let’s see why consulting a certified cosmetologist or Botox treatment specialist will be beneficial for you.

  • They Are Professionals

Botox treatment is nothing like straightening your hair that you can do at home. It involves a lot of science and technology. Only a trained professional can handle this. Expert cosmetologists or Botox specialists have professional training to give Botox injections to their patients. Hence, you can be 100% relaxed and stress-free when you consult a trained professional.

  • They Have the Right Tools

All these expert beauty and skin care professionals have the right tools to carry out various skin care methods. This includes Botox as well. They have the right injection and other devices that are required during the process to make it safe and smooth for you.

  • They Have the Knowledge

These experts not only know how to inject the Botulinum toxin inside your skin, but they are also aware of its side effects, success rate, risks and other vital factors related to this treatment. Their in-depth knowledge about Botox will help you to make informed decisions and understand what can happen to you before, during and after the treatment.

  • They Guide Your Rightly

Every Botox expert always guides their clients honestly. They will inspect the skin thoroughly before starting the treatment. These experts also check a few vital factors (medical history, current health condition, age, skin issues) to determine if Botox will be a good option for skin care for you. Their suggestion will help you to understand whether you should go for Botox or opt for something else to get glowing and rejuvenated skin.

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Advice for choosing a Botox Provider

Even though Botox (or botulinum toxin) may be a fantastic tool for achieving or maintaining your best self, it’s crucial to feel confident in the individual doing the procedure. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances of Botox injections gone awry. On the other hand, we’ve all also seen incredible examples of anti-wrinkle injections done successfully.

How can you ensure that you’re receiving the best anti-wrinkle treatment?

Here are Our Top Five Suggestions For Choosing a Botox Doctor

  1. Examine the credentials of your doctor

The number of locations offering Botox has increased as a result of its rising popularity. But how can you be certain the doctor is completely qualified?

It’s important to check the practitioner’s degree of expertise and the kinds of certifications they possess. Ask them without hesitation about their credentials, their training, how many surgeries they’ve performed, and whether they belong to a recognised professional association. Additionally, you must confirm that they are a prescriber or, if not, can arrange a consultation with a prescriber.

  1. Examine their testimonials for Botox

Reviews and word of mouth are reliable gauges of a Botox specialist’s calibre. You may feel certain that you’re making the best choice after reading a ton of positive reviews on the standard of care and hygiene. A practitioner should be avoided if they consistently receive bad feedback.

  1. Determine their Botox price

Although there is a wide range in Botox pricing, one quality to seek is an expert that is honest and open about charges. Will it be a one-time course or will you require more treatments at a later date? If so, how much will this ultimately cost you? You may typically expect to pay between £175 and £300 per location for anti-wrinkle injections.

  1. Learn about consultations and post-treatment

Given that Botox is, in fact, a medical operation, it’s critical to know that you’re in capable hands. Finding a practitioner who can offer you the consultations and follow-up treatment you require is therefore crucial.

It’s improper to show up for an appointment without having read about the recommended course of therapy. Instead, demand that a doctor take the time to explain the operation, why it’s appropriate for you or not, and what to expect. Botox aftercare is crucial, and your doctor should see you again soon after your procedure to address any concerns you may have and assess your progress.

  1. Inquire about coverage

It’s never pleasant to think that something may go wrong during a Botox treatment, but it’s crucial to evaluate if the clinic has the necessary insurance that would protect you if it did.

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How does Botox help to Reduce Frown Lines on the Forehead?

Sometimes even if you’re completely relaxed and not showing any sign of irritation, if you find the same while standing in front of the mirror next time, simple people might find you a bit frowny. This is not your main problem; in reality, the frown lines on the Forehead make you look tired and worried. The frowns, also known as the forehead wrinkles, are a part of ageing. 

With age, the skin loses elasticity and tends to develop frowns and wrinkles. Don’t freak botox treatment; you can now get rid of your frowns. Approach professional salons for botox in Epsom. They will treat your wrinkles in the best possible manner. 

What are the causes of forehead wrinkles or frown lines? 

The forehead muscles work the most. They are responsible for generating different expressions, and hence the muscles get stretched throughout an individual’s age. The overactivity of these types of muscles leads to the creation of wrinkles and frowns on the forehead area of every individual. These are the first signs of ageing. 

The smoothness and the appeal of the skin get lost with time and age, giving rise to the frowns and the fine lines. Sometimes a person undertaking too much makeup or skin treatments might also undergo such situations in the coming days.

How did Botox treatment help to reduce forehead wrinkles?

Borolium toxin or Botox is a form of neurotoxin, an FDA-approved injectable medicine and is generally used by the salons to treat wrinkles and fine lines on the face. The work of the botox injections is simple. They temporarily disable the working of the facial muscles so that the muscles can be relaxed, and the working on the frown lines can be started. 

With the help of botox injections, the facial nerves are also blocked. Thus, the skin near the frown lines can be smoothened in the long run. This is an FDA-proved treatment and works well on fine lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines of the individual on whom the treatment is being offered. 

However, it must be remembered that the work of botox is not to erase the lines; rather, it restores the lost glory of the face and prevents any deeper formation of wrinkles in the face of the individual. 

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3 Things You Must Know To Get Good Botox and Avoid Bad Advice

Botox Guildford

Botox is one of the most talked-about topics in the field of advanced beauty treatment. Though this method was first introduced in the market in 1989, which is almost 33 years ago, Botox is still very much in trend. The process has witnessed many changes and has become more and more reliable and effective. 

However, often people get false information from so-called beauty experts who do not have the skill or experience. Bad advice regarding Botox treatment makes things worse for the users. Hence, they fail to receive the result as per their expectation. Instead of bad advice and bad Botox, you should always opt for reliable and skilled experts to get a trusted service in Guildford.

There are lots of things that you should know about this treatment before you actually sit on a Botox table in a reputable and certified beauty clinic. 

3 Interesting Truth About Botox

Location is Key

When you try no-make-up-look, it is not about applying less makeup. It is all about applying the right amount of makeup to the right place of your face. The same thing goes with Botox. It is all about applying the injection at the right location of your face to remove all those spots of aging and give you flawless skin. Only a Botox expert can identify the most delicate and crucial area to apply this injection to get the job done rightly. 

Check Skills and Credentials

It is always required to prioritise the skill, experience, and credentials of your beauty expert over her cost and your convenience when you wish to get this treatment. Look for a certified and experienced Botox treatment specialist instead of an average beauty and skincare expert.

A Good Professional Will Say No

A good Botox injector always checks the client’s skin, age, and other conditions (that have a direct connection with this treatment) before the procedure. If she finds any issue, she will be upfront about it and say NO to you for applying the injection. They will gently make you understand why Botox is not good for you and suggest some alternative that will be safe and as effective as this procedure.

At Beauty By Holly Nicole, we check our clients thoroughly to understand how Botox can help them receive their desired outcome. Our experts have vast skills and experience in applying this injection. You are requested to get in touch with us for more information and book your appointment.

Reasons To Get Wrinkles On Skin: Know The Causes Before Treatment

Ageing is the strongest reason for having wrinkles on the skin. This is considered a natural part of ageing and can be seen on skins that remain mostly exposed to the sun, including the face, hands, forearms and neck. Botox is one of the most popular, effective and trusted treatments to get rid of wrinkles.

However, apart from ageing, there can be several other reasons why you should get wrinkles on your skin. Before you go for treatment at your nearest skincare clinic in Leatherhead, you should be aware of these reasons. 

  • Extreme Exposure To Sun

If you remain extremely exposed to the sun throughout the day, your skin will get wrinkles faster than you think. The impact of UV light is quite dangerous on the skin. Sun damage on skin is cumulative. You can see and feel the damage gradually on your skin.

  • Tanning Beds

Even tanning beds can cause serious skin issues, including wrinkles, because of the presence of UV rays. Frequent tanning can increase the number of wrinkles on your face and body. It can also increase the risk of skin cancer. This is a sign of premature ageing and causes deep wrinkling on your face.

  • Smoking 

Smoking is not only harmful to your lungs or throat, but it can also cause skin issues. Your skin will get rapid damage if you are a chain smoker. You can get increased facial lines around the mouth which are known as smoker’s lines. 

  • Repetitive Movements 

Repetitive movements of facial muscles can be another cause of wrinkles. These are generally known as the sign of happy life where people laugh and smile too often and get such lines. The cow’s feet and lines around your lips and mouth, the creases across your forehead and the bunny lines across the nose – these are the common face lines that can happen to you due to repetitive muscle movements.

  • Wrong Skincare Routine

People with improper skincare routines can have wrinkles earlier than their age. In fact, all these causes mentioned above can be omitted if you take good care of your skin regularly. Follow the instructions of your skincare expert to avoid wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

BOTOX Treatment

If you have wrinkles, dark spots, acne marks and other skin issues, you can try Botox treatment in Leatherhead by top beauty care experts. Beauty By Holly Nicole is the right place to have this treatment. We have highly qualified and experienced Botox treatment specialists. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Dermal Fillers : Know About This Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Dermal fillers are a popular facial aesthetic treatment that hides visible signs of ageing. With age, the face undergoes a volume loss, the tissues start thinning, and the lines become etched around the folds. These injections help you remove these imperfections, so you achieve smooth skin. You should administer this treatment from the experts for dermal filler in Dorking to restore a youthful, long-lasting appearance.  

What are Dermal Fillers?  

 Dermal fillers (not botox) are injectable drugs, FDA approved, to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. The doctors will inject the material in the nasolabial folds, oral commissures, marionette lines and cheeks to plump the area. Dermal fillers are also recommended for lip augmentation. The material is gel-like which gives the skin volume, softens the creases and enhances the facial contours. Hence, it is suitable for a facelift and provides fullness to the face.  

With advancing age, our faces lose subcutaneous fat. Wrinkles start to appear around the mouth, nose, cheekbones and eye corners. The wrinkles also appear because of high sunray exposure, damaging the skin texture and causing irregularities, pigmentation, laxity etc. 

Dermal fillers are the ideal solution for this problem. It boosts the skin’s supply of hyaluronic acid, therefore revitalising and adding volume to the skin. You get a more natural-looking appearance, and the skin feels softer. It is a gel-based material, tissue friendly and has long-lasting effects; however, it is not permanent.  

The common areas of treatment are-  

  • Nasolabial folds – nose to mouth lines 
  • Glabella lines – between the eyebrows 
  • Lips  

Dermal filter injections are quite easy and comfortable to undertake, but you have to attend follow up sessions after 6-9 months. While it makes a face look radiant, it does not impact facial expressions. The possible side effects include slight bruising, headaches, swelling or pain.   

Dermal fillers can achieve these outstanding results – 

  • smoothen facial lines and creases  
  • remove wrinkles 
  • create fuller lips 
  • improve the appearance of recessed scars 
  • uplift facial contours  
  • revitalise the skin 
  • remove lower lid shadows  
  • reconstruct facial contour deformities 

What are Botox Filters?  

Botox from botulinum toxin is an injectable drug that is used for cosmetic and facial restorative purposes. The primary purpose is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, mainly due to ageing. It works by paralysing the muscles, disrupting nerve signals which stimulate muscle contraction. The toxins make the muscles feel less stiff.   

People administer injections for botox in Guildford to-  

  • Remove frown lines (wrinkles between the eyebrows), glabellar lines, or elevens
  • Remove Crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes
  • Remove horizontal forehead creases 
  • Remove the lines at the corner of the moth 
  • Remove skin on the chin, also called cobblestone

At Beauty by Holly Nicole, we offer an extensive range of beauty treatment services tailor-made according to your specific requirement. We are highly qualified in providing high quality facial aesthetic treatment.  

How Does A Skin Look After Botox?

botox treatment in Dorking

Let’s say you’ve taken the bold decision of getting botox treatment. You must be very excited about the same. This is your lifetime chance of getting rid of the wrinkles and the fine lines. However, a thought always lingers in the mind of the patients who are opting for botox treatment. How will you face look after it’s done? How will your skin feel? Can you go out immediately? Can you start an everyday life? 

It would help if you asked these questions about the aesthetics in Dorking before you opt for the same. There’s no risk or side effects to the treatment; however, you’ll feel different. Botox injections aren’t painful; however, they are not a treat for your skin as well! 

Here’s a brief idea about the same. It’s better to know rather than plunging into some unknown.

Skin Condition After Botox Treatment

Botox in Guildford is high on demands. However, did you know that you won’t start looking pretty soon after the thing is over? The injections will take a toll on your sensitive skin. The skin at the initial stages will become red and flushed.

For extra sensitive skins, scars may form on the face, which might stay there for an hour or two after the treatment is over. However, none of these is permanent and doesn’t cause any pain.  Similarly, some people tend to develop tiny bumps like mosquito bites at sensitive areas of the face. Aesthetics believe that if you get the botox done in eyebrows and upper head areas, then the bumps come out faster.

Headache Or Flu Symptoms

Although this might sound irrelevant, however after the botox injections, many people have complained of headaches and flu-like symptoms. Although there are no medical explanations of the same, experts say that headaches may come due to the contraction of specific facial muscles. Moreover, if your expert is not careful enough to push the botox injection at the right place, headache occurrence is probable. However, this is not dangerous and doesn’t stay long.

Effect On smile

Although not a permanent one, however, this is a long-lasting effect due to botox treatments. As soon as the injections are pushed, it will alter the way your upper lip works. Hence the ones with a crooked smile will experience a change in the facial expression after the botox.

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