How Does A Skin Look After Botox?

botox treatment in Dorking

Let’s say you’ve taken the bold decision of getting botox treatment. You must be very excited about the same. This is your lifetime chance of getting rid of the wrinkles and the fine lines. However, a thought always lingers in the mind of the patients who are opting for botox treatment. How will you face look after it’s done? How will your skin feel? Can you go out immediately? Can you start an everyday life?Β 

It would help if you asked these questions about the aesthetics in Dorking before you opt for the same. There’s no risk or side effects to the treatment; however, you’ll feel different. Botox injections aren’t painful; however, they are not a treat for your skin as well!Β 

Here’s a brief idea about the same. It’s better to know rather than plunging into some unknown.

Skin Condition After Botox Treatment

Botox in Guildford is high on demands. However, did you know that you won’t start looking pretty soon after the thing is over? The injections will take a toll on your sensitive skin. The skin at the initial stages will become red and flushed.

For extra sensitive skins, scars may form on the face, which might stay there for an hour or two after the treatment is over. However, none of these is permanent and doesn’t cause any pain.Β  Similarly, some people tend to develop tiny bumps like mosquito bites at sensitive areas of the face. Aesthetics believe that if you get the botox done in eyebrows and upper head areas, then the bumps come out faster.

Headache Or Flu Symptoms

Although this might sound irrelevant, however after the botox injections, many people have complained of headaches and flu-like symptoms. Although there are no medical explanations of the same, experts say that headaches may come due to the contraction of specific facial muscles. Moreover, if your expert is not careful enough to push the botox injection at the right place, headache occurrence is probable. However, this is not dangerous and doesn’t stay long.

Effect On smile

Although not a permanent one, however, this is a long-lasting effect due to botox treatments. As soon as the injections are pushed, it will alter the way your upper lip works. Hence the ones with a crooked smile will experience a change in the facial expression after the botox.

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