Botox or ‘botulinum toxin’ is an effective way of treating wrinkles. Though ‘Botox’ is a brand name, people often use it to refer to the wrinkle treatment method. Visit a reputable skin clinic, and you can choose from a wide variety of Botox treatment. Each of them has its unique molecular configurations.
Though there is no right age to undergo the treatment, skin experts believe that men and women between their 20’s and 50s can benefit from it. Botox injections temporarily relax the muscles responsible for various signs of ageing. If you are unsure whether you should undergo the treatment, look for signs indicating that you are ready for it.

Planning To Undergo Botox Treatment? Few Signs You Are Ready

  • Skin Thinning And Wrinkles Developing

Generally, people start noticing fine lines in different areas of their face in their 30’s or 40’s. An easy way to treat delicate issues like deep-set wrinkles or skin thinning is through Botox treatment.  It helps in freshening up your skin which reduces the visibility of fine lines. Dermatologists at Beauty By Holly Nicole believe that the right time to undergo the treatment is as soon as fine lines appear. It will help you prevent deep-set wrinkles.

  • Wrinkles Accompanying Facial Expressions

If you notice deep wrinkles on your face while making facial expressions that tend to disappear when you are not talking or smiling, the condition is known as dynamic rhytids. If you don’t want the wrinkles to become static over time, undergo Botox treatment. Static wrinkles are tough to treat. Even if the treatment can’t help you get rid of those wrinkles, you will notice that their depth has reduced and can’t etch any further.

  • Your Jawline Has Shrunk

The masseter is the muscle in our mouth which we use to grind and chew food. In some people, the muscle is enlarged or fuller. Visit a reputable skin clinic in Guildford for Botox treatment of your masseter muscle and it will help soften the area surrounding your jawline. Women with a square jaw or face will notice that their face has become slightly heart or oval after the treatment. The injection will soften the muscles, and your lower face will become elongated.
Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that you are ready for a Botox treatment, it’s time you visit a reliable cosmetic clinic like Beauty By Holly Nicole and let their dermatologists choose the best product for you.

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